Clip and Snip's Grooming Services!

Grooming Includes

  • Nails Trimmed
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Hair Plucked Out
  • Doggy Bath
  • Hair Clipped ( or scissored dependent on breed)

Your pet with be bathed using specialist dog shampoo's and conditioners to promote a healthy skin and coat

Your pet will be fully dried and brushes - so no shaking off in the kitchen!

Your pet is expertly trimmed by a highly trained and qualified pet trimmer.

The groomer will trim your pet to your request, breed standard or will select the most popular and fitting style for your pet depending on your lifestyle


New for 2018! We are pleased to offer new services.



Over 20 years experience working with animals. 

Fully insured. 

Large enclosed garden.

6 acres of land, leading to lots of footpaths for varied walks. 

The dogs staying are treated as part of family and sleep in the house.

Professionally bathed and dried before hometime. 


If interested and would like to introduce your dog to me, please ring Carol 

01943 880671 

Mobile 07795925778